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Searching for a web site designer that offers custom web site design? At that’s all that we offer. Each web site that we design is a custom web site. Why? That is a simple answer — each business that we work with is unique in its own way and therefore requires that their information be presented is a unique format.

Unlike some web site designers in Michigan, we do not use a standardized template and simply place pictures related to your business in specific pre-formatted spots and then call it a web site. Our designers will take the time and apply the effort required to make sure that your web site stands out from the crowd. No matter what type of business you operate.

Now you may be thinking, how expensive will a custom web site be? We offer web sites that are priced for low enough to be affordable for basic information presentation to complete e-commerce, web site solutions. Our web site design rates are competitive with others in the industry that offer something other than a template driven web site design. Or to put it another way, if you’re ready to work with a web site designer in Michigan that can and will offer you custom web site design, you should talk with us. We offer a no obligation custom web site design consultation. We’ll show you what we feel you need to get your custom web site design up and running based on the information that you share with us about what you feel you need in a custom web site design.

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Site Development

Each website is different from another. We don’t design sites using cut and paste methods. We feel that your website should be as unique as your business. Therefore we offer several hundred different design guides for you to take a look at and decide upon your basic design elements.

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e Commerce

Companies conducting business-to-business electronic-commerce could be part of a market expected to total $8.5 trillion worldwide in 2010. Are you ready to cash in on this market?

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Web Hosting

Our regular hosting services include the opportunity for you to update your site regularly. Your site’s search engine positioning can be affected by how often your site is updated. In addition to good, useful site content and good links coming into your site, one of the criteria that search engines may utilize to help rate a web site is how often and what types of updates have been applied to a site.

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