Metro Malls was started back in 1996. At the time, we felt that the web and doing business on the world wide web was the wave of the future. We noticed that when you got online to shop or to find services around town, that there was no local spot where the public could find goods and services from local businesses. We looked around and saw that there were on line shopping malls, but they were basically just categorized listings and the stores could be anywhere in the world and you couldn’t really be sure they were even legitimate businesses.

We felt that people would like to browse and shop at a “local” online mall much in the same way they would at a real world mall. We spoke with many people and asked if they thought that there was a need for this type of web site. We heard a resounding yes from most people, while some thought that Internet use was just a passing fad.

From that point we began to develop an online mall that featured businesses from southeast Michigan. Why feature businesses from one geographic area? We felt that since the Internet was still in it’s infancy and people were unsure of where they could safely shop online, that we could present to them a collection of businesses that were fairly near to where they worked and lived. The thinking being that since you may already be familiar with a merchant, that you would happily do business with that same merchant online. Thus we began to create an online shopping mall featuring businesses with goods and services available from a variety of businesses located throughout the Detroit area and southeast Michigan. Currently in MetroMalls you will find an assortment of different types of business that are located within the Detroit area.

Many of these companies have been with us from the start and we continue to add new businesses on a regular basis. Some offer online shopping, while others may offer information about their physical businesses. We offer the capabilities to work with clients or businesses both large and small. Each is treated with the same level of care and understanding to help develop the right type of site for their business. Each site is worked with on an individual basis to help develop the right marketing programs to help them achieve their goals. We work with you to help you understand how to make your web site work for you, instead of you working for it. We will help you to understand the terminologies used in the development and marketing of your site. But most of all, we will take an active role in helping to make your site successful. These basic principals have been the foundation of our business and will remain so.

Lest someone think that we only work with businesses from the Detroit area, we have worked with many different companies from outside of southeast Michigan. Even with the creation of our local online mall, we found out early on that the main source of traffic that a web site will get, be it local or not, will be from search engines. So we dedicated a lot of times becoming experts on how they work and what to do to get our clients more listings and higher positioning. We have provided web site development, hosting and web site marketing programs for companies from coast to coast demonstrating the ability to “get local” even if we are thousands of miles away.

For all of your web site design or development, web site hosting needs or web site marketing efforts, let us help. We take pride in offering services beyond your expectations.