Site Development

What will your website cost to design and develop?

Each website is different from another. We don’t design sites using cut and paste methods. We feel that your website should be as unique as your business. Therefore we offer several hundred different design guides for you to take a look at and decide upon your basic design elements.

We will then work with you to incorporate the various elements that will help your site to stand out from everyone else’s site on the Web today and to become a contributing factor in the success of your business.

Every business also has various functions that they would like for their website to accomplish. Some want feedback or contact forms, while others wish to sell merchandise directly from their site and still others want their site to be supportive of their real world advertising and to help keep their customers informed of their products or services.

From a Basic Website to a Intermediate Website or an E-Commerce Website, we can fulfill your needs within a budget that is affordable to you.

Some of the design or development services that we offer are:

  • New web site development and design
  • Website redesign
  • Information based websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Database creation
  • Database enhancement
  • Interactive parts or accessory catalogs
  • Flash page development
  • Custom graphic design
  • Web development consultations
  • Virtual tours
  • Custom applications